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Linda Girvin

Linda Girvin

Energy Healing, Certified Classical Homeopath
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Linda Specializes in Energy Healing type modalities. Along with distance energy healings she is a Certified Classical Homeopath, Certified/trained Emotion/Body Code practitioner, practitioner of diet via the Medical Medium (Anthony Williams) theory, and trained in Cranial Sacral Therapy, NeuroFeedBack and Rife frequency type machines. She started her career with a degree in Electrical Engineering which is beneficial in understanding and helping others with the Healy Device.

Linda’s passion is helping people to find relief so they can live a joyful life.

Contact Linda Girvin: girvinhomeopathy@gmail.com

More information about the work:

Homeopathy is an alternative type substance in a diluted form, containing only frequency, that will resonate with the mind/body to help bring it back into balance resulting in a path to health. A good site for more explanation: https://www.verywellhealth.com/homeopathic-medicine-description-2249111

Emotion code, developed by Dr Bradley, is an energy healing technique that helps us to identify and release trapped emotions- which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety etc. They can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. And because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for balance in body This often assists symptoms to disappear or become much more manageable.

Body Code™, developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, is a state of the art, whole body, mind and spirit energy healing system.. It works with imbalances in six areas that may be the underlying causes of all disease. Energies – Trapped emotions, internalized traumas and other emotional energies. The goal is to help identify the underlying causes of physical or emotional concerns, release them in minutes bringing balance to the system.

Healy is a wearable device, using Microcurent, or remotely through the Quantum to promote health, vitality and overall wellbeing. The programs in this device will detect where there is an imbalance and then send the frequencies needed for harmonization of the energetic field.

Elizabeth Stoian

Elizabeth Stoian

IIN Certified Health Coach, PSYCH-K® Facilitator
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Subconscious emotions influence our life experiences. Transforming them from stress to neutrality and inner peace is self-healing and empowering.

Elizabeth Stoian is an IIN Certified Health Coach who facilitates the emotional transcendence of situations and conditions via a process called PSYCH-K®.

Its applications include Shifting lower emotional charges around past/present triggers and opening up the subconscious possibility of evolving into a state of well-being. This is a gentle and effective approach to improving one’s state of mind. Emotional wellness is an essential part of a holistic care plan.

Contact Elizabeth Stoian: https://www.paxintegrity.com

Ann Pint

Ann Pint

Energy Healing
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A little bit about me and my journey and how we could work together. I am a seeker. I also came into this incarnation wired for dimensional access. What does that look like? We each choose our families that we are born into. The family I chose was sort of like a raucous frat party. No one else around me was experiencing their world the way I was. This led me to exploring many different healing modalities for my own relief.

I have attended many courses that are offered here on the planet with physical teachers. I have been to India, initiated as a Oneness Trainer, completed courses in Pranic therapy and Pranic Psychotherapy with Master Choa Kok Sui and Master Co, Mystery school initiations, The Gift, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Mastermind groups, supported engaged couples in marriage prep for 10 years ~~ all part of my personal quest.

But most of my ‘teachers’ have been non-physical or in other words, dimensional. This has offered me a unique perspective. I don’t have a guru. I don’t have a group. I am unattached to a particular teaching or system. I have been free to explore and go further on my own than I would be able to in a group. This has greatly benefited me and my family and now it can help you too.

Contact Ann Pint: https://www.feelbetternow.com

Antonina Arguello

Antonina Arguello

Face yoga,
Quantum Flow
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Antonina Arguello (fluent in Spanish as well):

Offering Face yoga and Quantum Flow

Through her own life experience using Face Yoga and Quantum Flow Antonina knows first hand the importance of achieving a high quality of life through the body. By repairing the relationship with self, balancing emotions, learning and practising self love and self worth techniques you too can release the traumas of the past, make peace with the present and co-create your best future reality – right now. To live a life fully in love with yourself and aligned with your purpose.

The face yoga method Antonina is certified in is based on 5 pillars: face exercises, face massage, face acupressure, relaxation and well being.

Face yoga has been scientifically proven to reverse the signs of aging by 3 to 10 years!

It is an all natural, non-invasive solution that teaches clients how to improve the appearance of their facial skin, facial structure and tone, reverse fine lines and wrinkles, lift cheekbones, sculpt the jawline, reduce jowls, open the eyes, achieve facial symmetry, plump the lips, etc. It has the power to improve both postural and face appearance through a very gentle, loving and nurturing practice which greatly improves the relationship with one’s self.

The Quantum Flow method is a technique that is based on the principles of neuroplasticity, quantum physics, biophysics, and several ancestral healing modalities. It brings together the fundamental principles of each of these to create a system that allows you to biohack your nervous system in order to unlock a myriad of benefits on a physical level but also mental, emotional, energetic and even spiritual. Some benefits include fat burning, increased metabolism, better focus, feelings of inner peace and happiness, better decision making, trauma release, improved posture, improved memory, improved ability to respond versus reacting, stronger connection to intuition, connecting to a purpose, strengthening communication skills, improves leadership skills, prevents burnout and adrenal fatigue…and the list goes on.

I would be pleased to get to know you better and discuss how either of these two powerful tools can help you regain your health and help you achieve your highest quality of life. Feel free to reach out if you would like to know more about these methods or if you want to jump on a consultation discovery call.

Please send an email to book a discovery call.
Hablo español tambien.

Email: resettingradiancy@gmail.com
+254743144838 whatsapp, signal or telegram

Pavla Edmunds

Pavla Edmunds

Iridology and Sclerology, Quantum Flow
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Iridology and Sclerology consultation with Pavla

The wise man once said that The eyes are windows into one’s soul.

With the power of Iridology and Sclerology we get to take it a one step further and receive a snapshot of what is “ potentially” happening within our whole body. From a physiological but also emotional and mental point of view. This non-invasive approach allows us to see any stresses, congestion, stagnation, toxicity or encapsulation within our bodily systems and organs. We also recognize the emotional state of being and family inherited predispositions that can be addressed before manifesting into anything that your ancestral line might have been experiencing.

Pavla Edmunds is the founder and creator behind INFINITE VITALITY

She is committed to and passionate about sharing the message of health and happiness with the world and bringing our busy, over stressed, unhealthy lifestyles back into balance with the gifts of Mother Nature, reintroducing the secrets of our grandmothers and the wisdom of our ancestors.

Pavla’s mission in life is to bring awareness to our everyday living, our lifestyle choices and how they are costing us our health as well as the health of our loved ones.
She has solutions on how to heal in the most natural beautiful way in all areas of our being.

Infinite Vitality is here for ALL. Men, women, children, families, whole communities. We offer initial one on one consultations, custom made healing protocols, educational and inspirational seminars, long term ongoing support.

INFINITE VITALITY is your birthright and we are here to help you to claim it back.

Let’s make health SIMPLE once again. Let’s TRANSFORM your health NOW.

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Quantum flow is a powerful practice that brings us from our brains back into our hearts. It has been proven that the energy of our heart is 5000 times stronger than the mind.

Throughout our lives ever since we took our very first breath we are taught and told by our loved ones, by society, by the system how we should BE, what we should become, we are labeled by this and that, we lose touch with who we truly are in the process of putting layers and layers of “onion skin” around our being to protect us from this pressure of our society.

With Quantum Flow we get the opportunity to wake up our passion, our intuition and our purpose in life. We get to work with our unconscious mind, rewire our brain, our nervous system. We get to clear any traumas and blockages and create a new flow of energy within our being and connect back to who we truly are.

Pavla Edmunds is a certified Quantum Flow practitioner and extends the offering in her business INFINITE VITALITY with this powerful practice. She works with clients one on one as well as offers group sessions for communities. Her passion is bringing her clients back to their hearts and guiding them on a healing journey and a path of self re-discovery and living up to their ultimate potential. She is a firm believer that we all have the opportunity to transform within as long as we know how and are supported along the way. She wishes to take your hand and guide you on your life changing journey.

INFINITE VITALITY comes from within, allow your inner light to shine bright again.

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We are here to disrupt healthcare and transition you into the new paradigm of health. Through our unique approach in merging the world of modern medicine with the world of energy, we can help you tap into deep reserves of strength and resilience to reach your healthiest self.  – Dr. Maryam Poursartip, MD

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