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Physician Embraces Energy + Medicine Paradigm

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Maryam Poursartip, MD Owner/Founder 949-371-9259 dr.p@8020quantumcare.com Primary Care Physician Embraces Energy + Medicine Paradigm With Launch of 80/20 Quantum Care Virtual Community “Dr. P” Believes…

Dr. P’s Tip for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

You Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Dr. Maryam Poursartip, MD (Dr. P.) hosts a conversation around Type 2 Diabetes and provides a simple hack for high yield health results and…

We are here to disrupt healthcare and transition you into the new paradigm of health. Through our unique approach in merging the world of modern medicine with the world of energy, we can help you tap into deep reserves of strength and resilience to reach your healthiest self.  – Dr. Maryam Poursartip, MD

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