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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine physicians and practitioners are specialists trained to apply clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. Rather than focusing on one part of the body – such as your heart or your bones, as a specialist does – an internist knows about all the adult body systems. They have had special training focusing on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases.

How I work together with my Energy & Healing partners

I believe that I can offer you the very best healthcare through merging my medical knowledge and expertise with the guided energy healing and inner work therapies provided by my partners below. Once you book an Internal Medicine appointment with me, as a follow-up I can refer you to a selected Energy & Healing partner. Or if you prefer, you may book an appointment directly with any of these partners (see partners and contact info below). — Dr. Maryam Poursartip, MD (Dr. P.)

Dr Maryam Poursartip MD

Dr. Maryam Poursartip, MD (Dr. P.)

Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, and Founder of 80/20 Quantum Care
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I’m a primary care physician specialized in Internal Medicine. I come from a diverse background and a multilingual home. Born in the United Kingdom to Persian parents, I spent my early childhood in different European countries until my family and I settled on the island of Cyprus. Given my love of languages and fluency in English, Farsi, French, Greek, and a bit of Arabic and Spanish, going into the field of linguistics was my back-up plan if I didn’t make it to medical school.
I did my undergraduate studies at McGill University in Montreal, and then attended St. George’s University for medical school, followed by the State University of New York for my residency in Internal Medicine. Upon completion, I embarked on my new journey in California.

It was during my own health struggles these past few years that I started questioning the conventional medicine that I practiced, and more importantly, my own purpose in this lifetime. I started doing a lot of inner work after coming to the understanding through a mentor that 80% of success involves mindset and inner work to clear and release blocks and blind spots – and only 20% is a result of external strategies. So why not bring the 80/20 rule into every area of life, including our health. As a result, my interest in energy work grew even more when I started working with teachers in Quantum Healing, Quantum Flow, Psych-K, Energy Healing, and E-motion Code.

I am now focused on sharing the tools I have learned with a soulmate team to help merge traditional medicine with Energy work, as per Einstein’s equation E=mc2, to build customized treatment templates for patients.

Dr. Maryam Poursartip, MD (Dr. P.)
Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician
Founder of 80/20 Quantum Care

Sutida Majarone, FNP, MSN

Sutida Majarone, FNP, MSN

Functional & Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine Telemedicine, IV Nutrition
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Establishing the Good Living Health clinic has been the culmination of decades of my passion, commitment, and experience practicing medicine and improving healthcare.

I founded Good Living Health because I want to make a real impact on improving my patients’ lives through Functional & Integrative Medicine. I believe that Functional Medicine and addressing the root cause of illness is the future of patient care. Considering the body as an interconnected whole–physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental, lifestyle, genetic makeup–is necessary in understanding and treating any illness.

For me, doing right by those I serve means taking the time to listen. I know what it’s like to not feel heard. I will continue to give people the attention they need and deserve, validate their feelings and frustrations, and help find the true cause of their ailments.

My colleagues and I share the same core values. They are as passionate as I am. We are healers, educators and thought leaders, joining forces and combining our expertise to lead and deliver the new future of healthcare.

My introduction to integrative and plant-based medicine came during my childhood in Thailand, where we had a more integrated way of living with the natural world. I remember outdoor ceremonies where we would all give thanks to the earth and the rivers that nourished us. I was in awe and filled with pride for my grandmother who helped women with their home births. I can still smell the herbal remedies that she prepared for the new mothers’ natural healing.

I pursued my passion for medicine and nursing, completing my undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts. For much of my 30+ year career, I have worked as a family nurse practitioner in world class hospitals, including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto. My work spans both in-hospital and outpatient clinic settings. I’ve worked in the ICU and preoperative anesthesia, as well as in primary care for children and adults, treating both acute and chronic conditions.

On a personal note, I live with my husband, son and dog in San Carlos (the “City of Good Living”), California. Along with my ongoing research in Functional Medicine and innovative treatment approaches, I love to cook creatively, share healthful meals with friends and family, hike, ride my bicycle, dance tango, and create art with plants.

– Sutida Majarone, FNP, MSN
Founder, Good Living Health

Treatment Areas
  • General
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Metabolic and Cardiac
  • Hormonal, Autoimmune
  • Neurological
  • Mental and Emotional

We are here to disrupt healthcare and transition you into the new paradigm of health. Through our unique approach in merging the world of modern medicine with the world of energy, we can help you tap into deep reserves of strength and resilience to reach your healthiest self.  – Dr. Maryam Poursartip, MD

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